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My father the original foodie

Hello and Happy New Year!

Since I last wrote, so much has happened.  In summary, we moved halfway around the world, and back to the United States.

We do miss Germany, but for now, are trying to accept that this is where we are supposed to be.

Needless, to say, with all the changes, I've been in semi-hibernation mode.  But now, I have quite a few creative endeavors planned for the year ahead.

Perhaps the one I am most dedicated to, is transcribing the many recipes and food and travel writings of my father into digital form.

A career Army officer, he was also a misplaced chef.  Upon his retirement in Italy he wrote a regular food article for The Lion, a NATO publication, and then when he returned to the US, self-published a food and travel 'zine for many years.  He also published a cookbook for his alma mater, Santa Clara University.

I have hard copies of all his writings, which is a treasure, but would like to save them in another format, and also share them with the world.  Th…